Volcano Scouting is proud to offer overnight programs and single-day events designed by scouts, for scouts! With support from adult Scouters and our partners, we provide high school students with the opportunity to organize schedules, plan menus, develop ceremonies, draft budgets, and lead education programs. Each year, we host upwards of 150 scouts and adult leaders from across the Pacific Northwest at Mount St. Helens. These participants engage in a variety of outdoor programs that focus on stewardship, education, adventure, and leadership. You can learn about this year's program below!

In response to the cancellation of the 2020 Merit Badge Weekend and 2020 Hornaday Adventure Camp, Volcano Scouting has decided to develop a three-month Virtual Summer Experience to offer scouts merit badge and rank advancement, training opportunities, and special programming. We understand this program will not compare to our in-person events at the Mount St. Helens Science and Learning Center, however, we felt the need to offer a unique learning experience for scouts across the Pacific Northwest.

This Virtual Summer Experience will utilize a plethora of pre-existing online curriculum delivered through self-
paced reading, recorded lectures, live presentations and science experiments, hands-on activities, backyard

field studies, discussion boards, and meetings with merit badge counselors. We plan to provide programming for the completion of upwards of 16 merit badges and several conservation awards.

Starting Monday, May 11, Scouting families will be able to register their scouts for this virtual program that will last from June 1 to August 31. The $20.00/scout participant fee includes unlimited access to our online merit badge courses and a special Volcano Scouting gift mailed directly to your house. Our team is also looking into offering a Hornaday Academy and several training opportunities at little to no additional cost.

JUNE 5-7, 2020


Volcano Scouting's fourth annual Merit Badge Weekend will offer two natural resources-themed merit badges for completion. A multitude of exciting and engaging activities will accompany the educational program in the Science and Learning Center. Registration open through May 1, 2020.

AUGUST 7-9, 2020


Volcano Scouting's second Hornaday Adventure Camp is slotted to include a diverse collection of stewardship, recreation, and leadership activities that will engage participants in the training required to become a forest ranger. Registration open through July 3, 2020.

Thank You to Our Sponsors

Volcano Scouting is proud to partner with USDA Forest Service and Mount St. Helens Institute. We are an equal opportunity, drug and alcohol free provider.