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No In-Person Programs in Summer 2022

After careful consideration, Volcano Scouting staff has determined that we will not offer in-person programming at Mount St. Helens this Summer 2022 season. We make this decision with a heavy heart but cannot ignore the challenges imposed by increased lodging costs, inflation affecting food and supplies, and Boy Scouts of America Short-Term Camp accreditation requirements. Our staff fully intends to pursue supplemental funding assistance over the next year for an anticipated return to in-person programming in Summer 2023. We are also interested in developing sustainable relationships with local Scouting leaders and the Cascade Pacific Council to share planning responsibility with a broad group of Scouting members. We do appreciate the interest previous participants and hopeful first-timers vocalized in attending a potential event this year. While we will not be able to provide in-person programming this year, we anticipate offering at least one virtual single-merit badge course. Any virtual programming offered this year will be once again updated with feedback from previous virtual program participants and will focus on one merit badge at one time rather than several merit badges. Additional information will become available in the coming weeks. Again, we appreciate the ongoing interest and support, and we hope your Scouting family will join us in Summer 2023!

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