Newberg High School Visits St. Helens

In cooperation with Volcano Scouting, Newberg High School's Peter Siderius brought his Oregon Ecology class to the Mount St. Helens Science and Learning Center for a three-day field trip focused on geology and ecology at Mount St. Helens. Along the way, the group of 24 students and chaperones stopped at the Silver Lake Visitor Center, Forest Learning Center, Hummocks Trail, Coldwater Lake, and Sediment Retention Structure. The highlight of their trip were the ecology and geology two field studies, which provided them with information and research techniques they will take with them forever.

Quentin Comus, Newberg High School student and Volcano Scouting Founder & President, completed his Eagle Scout Project at the Science and Learning Center with the help of his classmates.

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Thank You to Our Sponsors

Volcano Scouting is proud to partner with USDA Forest Service and Mount St. Helens Institute. We are an equal opportunity, drug and alcohol free provider.