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They say, "it takes a village to move a mountain," and at Volcano Scouting, we do just that. Our for-youth, by-youth organization relies on passionate and dedicated individuals from all over the Pacific Northwest to plan our overnight programs at Mount St. Helens. Corporate sponsorships and individual donations help keep our participant fees low that allows Scouting families of all abilities and backgrounds to attend our programs. If you're interested in supporting our organization, check out some of the awesome ways you can contribute below!


Those interested in volunteering with Volcano Scouting, and who are not members of the Boy Scouts of America, can do so as guest professional presenters or program volunteers. Specifically, if you are an outdoor professional interested in sharing your knowledge and skills with our participants, please check out our current volunteer listings below.




If you are a community member looking to assist in our conservation projects or program delivery, please contact us directly at for more information. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to working with you!


Want to make an impact on hundreds of scouts from across the Pacific Northwest? Consider donating to Volcano Scouting's general fund! Because we are a membership-driven organization, we get most of our funding from our participants, however, we feel they should pay only what is needed to support a bare-minimum program. External donations help our staff provide additional program features that go above and beyond. For example, individual contributions supported the installation of a flagpole at the Mount St. Helens Science and Learning Center through a staff member's eagle scout project. All in-kind cash and product/service donations are tax-deductible thanks to the Mount St. Helens Institute. Interested in donating? Follow the instructions and complete the information on the form below, or donate online through our store!





Volcano Scouting believes in engaging and supporting the communities of Toutle, Castle Rock, Kelso, and Longview into its programs by serving their Scouting units, investing in their local economies, and promoting tourism to the Mount St. Helens area. We also accept corporate sponsorships from businesses within the Southwest Washington and Northwest Oregon areas in which we serve to better serve our participants. These donations are also tax-deductible but come with incredible perks including logo placement and summit hike tickets*. Interested in sponsoring us? Follow the instructions and complete the information on the form below.


What's the easiest and most effective way of helping our organization: promoting it! Volcano Scouting is a grass-roots organization built on the hard work and dedication of scouts, adult leaders and outdoor professionals who believe in stewardship, adventure, education, and leadership at Mount St. Helens. Because we composed of are satellite volunteers from all across the Pacific Northwest, it can sometimes be difficult to reach our intended audiences. How can we fix that? With your help of course? Lend a hand by sharing our social media posts, program fliers, website, or even contact information with other Scouting units, outdoor professionals, businesses, non-profit organizations, and journalists. Just imagine the publicity we could raise if every one of our participants told one person about Volcano Scouting!


Join our elite team of dedicated scouts and adult Scouters in designing, fundraising, and hosting events at Mount St. Helens. We are always seeking individuals who are willing to donate their time to manage social media accounts, design webpages, develop program menus and schedules, coordinate guest presenters, organize registration, and carry out the difficult tasks that make our programs happen. You can learn more and apply to join our staff team by visiting our staff page below!

Current Guest Presenter Listings
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